E-Citation App
Traffic, Parking, Code Enforcement

Issue Citations In Under 3 Mins

The E-Citation App makes issuing citations safer, faster and more accurate. The App allows users to generate traffic, parking and code enforcement citations. These documents can be easily printed and issued using a wireless or bluetooth printer.
Save Time. Increase Safety.
Issue E-Citations in less than 3 minutes while increasing officer and citizen safety by reducing time spent roadside.
Increase Situational Awareness
Be prepared and make informed decisions using real-time NCIC person and vehicle criminal history intelligence on your mobile device.
Improve Accuracy
Auto-populate offender + vehicle information using NCIC returns, digital scanning, address lookups and speech-to-text functionality.
The E-Citation App, which works on iOS and Android devices (phones + tablets), is specifically designed to increase officer and citizen safety, save time when creating and issuing citations, increase the quality and accuracy of information in the citations and immediately share the citation information across all other JusticeONE suite users.
  • Traffic Citations
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Meter Enforcement
  • NCIC + Investigation
  • Code Enforcement
  • People + Vehicle Search
  • NCIC Queries (people + vehicles)
  • Scanning (license + registration)
  • Speech-to-Text (data population)
  • Digital Signatures (officer + violator)
  • Citation Templates
  • Wireless + Bluetooth Printing
  • Cloud Hosted + CJIS Compliant (Azure.gov)
  • Automatic App Updates (GooglePlay + Apple Store)
  • Dynamic Addressing (lookups + verification)
  • Attach Evidence Photos to Citations
  • Real-time Integration (JusticeONE products)
  • Data Export API (for 3rd party products)
The E-Citation Admin Portal provides fast and easy setup and configuration capabilities for your agency administrators. This Cloud hosted portal is always available and always accessible using a standard internet browser.
  • Web Based Portal (Azure.gov)
  • Manage Licenses + Plans
  • Users (setup + manage)
  • Mobile Devices (setup + manage)
  • Equipment (radar, laser, etc.)
  • Violation Codes (setup + manage)
  • Court Calendars (setup + manage)
  • Lookup Values (setup + manage)
  • Printers (setup + manage)
  • E-Citations Module (view, download, export)
  • Officer Digital Signatures (store + manage
Below is a list of technical specifications for the E-Citation App, the E-Citation Admin Portal as well as compatible peripherals.
  • Android Devices: Phone + Tablets (version 9 and later)
  • Apple Devices: Phone + Tablets (version 8 and later)
  • Printers: Brother 4" (Rugged Jet RJ4230B/RJ4230BL - USB/bluetooth)
  • Printers: Brother 8" (PJ-763MFI Pocket Jet 7 8.5” X 11” - USB/bluetooth)
  • Print Paper: Brother 8" (Brother mobile premium perforated roll paper - Mfg. Part# LBX039)
  • Scanning: A device camera is required for document/id card scanning
  • Barcode Scanning: 2D PDF 417
  • Admin Portal Browser Standards: (Chrome 91., Safari 14.1, Microsoft Edge 91.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All E-Citation data collected in the Mobile App is available for use within RMS and Court systems.
(a) For customers using the JusticeONE RMS and Court products, all E-Citation data will be fully integrated and available in real-time.
(b) For customers using 3rd party RMS and/or Court products, you can run data exports from our E-Citation Admin Portal and then import these records (with help from those providers) into the 3rd party RMS and/or Court products.

Yes. Using the E-Citation Admin Portal, you are able to setup as many Courts and Court Calendars as you need. These configured calendars are then available in the E-Citation App at the time of citation issuance.

Absolutely! Data population is one of the most powerful and useful features of the E-Citation App. By using the below autofill capabilities, officers are commonly able to issue E-Citations in under 3 minutes.
(a) NCIC returns allow for person and vehicle information to be autofilled
(b) Barcode scanning allows person and vehicle registraiton information to be autofilled
(c) Address lookups, verifications and autofills are dynamic using and integration with SmartyStreets
(d) Citation Templates prepopulate new Citations based on Saved Template Details

Maybe.We have outlined the supported devices and technical specifications in the "Specs" tab above. If after reading these specifications you have further questions please reach out to us (866-530-1452) and we can talk through any compatibility questions you have.

Yes. Using the E-Citation Admin Portal, you have the ability to setup and configure your users, codes, lookup values, manage devices, manage your software licenses, manage equipment - such as radar guns, lasers, patrol cars, LPR's, and much more.

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