Shield of Justice™
NCIC Query Engine

Make Informed Decisions At Critical Moments

The Shield of Justice™ NCIC Query Engine is the lifeline that connects public safety professionals with critical criminal intelligence to make quick and informed decisions in the moment.

Access to Essential Details

Each minute officers are faced with making critical decisions to keep themselves, citizens and communities safe. Officers need real-time intelligence to make these split-second informed decisions on how best to handle unique, and at times, stressful situations. Without being able to know historical involvements of people, vehicles and property officers can only make these critical decisions based on the information they have obtained in that moment.

Enhanced Officer Safety Solution

The Shield of Justice™ Query Engine is the facilitation service that connects the historical involvements to the present moment so officers have criminal history intelligence to understand the complete situation and make informed decisions quickly. We understand how essential this information is and that is why purchasing the JusticeONE® Law Enforcement products includes access to the Shield of Justice™ NCIC Query Engine.


  • CJIS Compliant end-to-end solution
  • Person, vehicle, article, driver histories, criminal histories
  • NCIC data imports into e-tickets, reports, field interview cards and criminal trespass warnings
  • NCIC access on a mobile phone or tablet device (iOS + Android)
  • NCIC Vigilant tag reader integration
  • Increased officer safety and efficiency
  • Manage users, devices and ORI from a single portal
  • TAC reports regarding officer query activity
  • Audit reports regarding all agency/officer activity within the software
  • Users can independently manage their own passwords
  • No extra hardware to login (ie: no key fobs or code generation fobs)
  • Easily shut down device access from portal if lost

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